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Slow Pitch Rules and Information

All city of Vista Adult Softball Leagues are unlimited arc unless specified in our rule book.  All men’s leagues on Monday, Thursday, and Fridays are unlimited. 


•Any line drive hit by the batter that enters or passes through the pitcher’s box no higher than the pitcher's head will be declared an OUT, dead ball.  Hit balls that (in the discretion of the umpire) are over the head of the pitcher at full height regardless of if it passes through the “pitcher’s box” will be declared a fair ball and in play.  If the pitcher has one or more feet in the box including on the line and is struck by a batted ball that has not hit the ground, an OUT will be declared, ball will be dead.

•A Line Drive hit is defined as:

         A batted ball that travels parallel or near the ground through most of its flight.


Effective immediately, the pitcher's box supplement rule that the MOA created is now NO LONGER IN EFFECT!

For checking on the field conditions, contact the following:

Carlsbad - 760-602-7520
Encinitas - 760-633-2761
Vista - 760-726-1340 EXT. 3244


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